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New Orleans Vegetarian Cuisine

We recently traveled to the Big Easy on a New Orleans vacation package and discovered some of the city's most famous dishes, vegetarian-style!

Check out our vegetarian recipes for Black-Eyed Pea Gumbo, Maque Choux, and Muffuletta Sandwiches to get a true taste of New Orleans!

10menus: The World's Best Restaurant Menus

Visit our new site - - to view a gallery of some of the world's best restaurant menus. We like to flip through these menus for culinary inspiration, we hope you'll enjoy!

We've included a vegetarian section, but you can obviously check out all the restaurants for ideas and flavor combinations that you can apply to vegetarian cooking.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create and maintain an extensive and delicious online vegetarian cookbook full of healthy and easy vegetarian recipes from every corner of the globe for vegetarians and vegans everywhere to enjoy!

In the course of our travels, we find that very few cultures around the world embrace vegetarianism. Economic, cultural, and biological factors all contribute to make vegetarian cuisine rare among the world's populations in these modern times. Consequently, it becomes very hard to be the adventurous eater many of us would like to be; street food and indigenous meals are almost out of the question for those on a strict vegetarian diet in most parts of the world, and there is a scarcity of learning opportunity and culinary literature related to ethnic vegan and vegetarian cooking available to the amateur chef.

What we hope to accomplish with this site is to collect, present, and preserve as many recipes as we can - some familiar, some exotic - from different countries and cultures all over the world, and make them accessible to everyone! We attempt to substitute alternate proteins and vegetables for meat in recipes as we see fit, while still trying to preserve the original flavors and textures of the dishes as much as possible. We also welcome our gluten-free and lacto-ovo free vegetarian visitors, who will find graphical notations for each recipe that denote the presence of gluten, dairy, eggs, or nuts, and a special section containing only gluten-free vegetarian recipes.

Find quick and easy vegetarian recipes to suit any palate, or, for the more experienced chef, some serious gourmet stuff. Print next week's dinner recipes, make a great appetizer for your next party, whip up a quick and healthy vegetarian soup, or learn how to cook a new low fat lasagna or pasta dish! New recipes are constantly being added to the site - if you have an amazing or exotic gourmet vegetarian recipe, please share it with us!

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