American Vegetarian Recipes

We take a little extra special pride in this section; this is the food we grew up with. We're trying to do our little part to help teach the rest of the world that we do eat something besides hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken, that American cuisine is a rich and varied tapestry of flavors, being influenced by cuisines and cultures from around the world - a real culinary "melting pot".

Compiling, finding, and cooking traditional American vegetarian recipes can be a difficult task. Most Americans are, and always have been, staunch carnivores, usually relegating meatless dishes to the status of "side dish", if they'll entertain them at all. It's even pretty hard to find a traditional vegetable dish in the South that hasn't had a hamhock or some bacon grease added for flavoring. As times and attitudes change, more and more Americans are choosing to live a vegetarian lifestyle - which creates a problem. How do we recreate the warm, fuzzy, comfort-food memories that we treasure from growing up and celebrate our rich culinary history without eating meat? We've found it to be quite a challenge to re-create the simple, "stick to your ribs"-style cuisine that America is known for (and we remember so fondly). With a little bit of experimentation, we've found and created meatless versions of some of these recipes that are quite satisfying.

We've done the best we can to replicate the feeling, spirit, and flavor of the dishes we grew up loving, like buttermilk fried chicken or Louisiana gumbo, through the use of vegetarian ingredients, though many of the tried and true cooking techniques that form the basis of American recipes remain the same.

The extraordinary variety of America's recipes owes itself not only to the amazing breadth of ingredients and agricultural climates the country possesses, but also to the perpetual blending of cultures and ethnicities that happens nowhere else like it does here in America. America's most interesting and intricate regional cuisines were born in multicultural, historic port cities like Charleston, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco - places where culinary traditions as disparate as Chinese, Native American, Spanish, and African all found a new home and slowly fused to create truly unique and quintessentially American dishes.

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American Regional Recipes

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