Bhutanese Vegetarian Recipes

Bhutan is a wonderful and mystical land, one of the last few vestiges of the "old Asia". A Himilayan mountain kingdom that still reveres its monarchy and holds Buddhism dear, Bhutan is quite removed from the modern world. A very limited amount of visitors is allowed into the country each year, keeping the country happily steeped in the past.

Bhutan's staple food is red rice (similar to brown rice), which provides high nutritional content. Buckwheat, maize, and other vegetables find their way into Bhutanese recipes, along with the very important cheese that makes up the "national dish", ema datshi, a chili-cheese stew. As a matter of fact, most milk in Bhutan is turned into butter or cheese. Meals are spiced with the flavors of the surrounding region, most notably Northern India, including flavors such as cardamom, chilies, ginger, caraway, and turmeric.

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