Egyptian Vegetarian Recipes

Egypt lays claim to one of the world's oldest cuisines, dating back to civilization's very beginnings. In the time of the pharoahs, Egyptian peasants subsisted mainly on a diet of beer, bread, and vegetables - a diet that has not changed much over the centuries. Unfortunately, beer hasn't been hip in Egypt since the Muslims invaded in 654, but the modern Egyptian diet continues to make use of a wide variety of legumes, grains, and fresh vegetables, which grow abundantly along the Nile's fertile banks.

Due to economic hardship and lack of grazing land, Egypt has always been a very vegetarian-friendly place. Meat plays only a small role in Egyptian recipes, and most that do contain it can be easily recreated for vegetarian or vegan diets. Bread plays a vital role in Egyptian cuisine, accompanying almost every dish and eaten at every meal. Egyptians mostly use their bread to scoop dips, such as hummus, or to wrap things "sandwich-style", like falafels or kebabs.

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