French Vegetarian Recipes

While the French may arguably have the world's most famous and storied cuisine, it certainly does not win the title for most vegetarian-friendly. Aspiring chefs face a daunting challenge attempting to learn French classical techniques and recipes, while maintaining a vegetarian diet. Every giant of French culinary lore, from Escoffier to Bocuse, has advocated recipes filled with meat stocks, veal bones, and other ingredients that can make an aspiring vegetarian chef crazy, if not ill.

So, while some of the finer points of classical French cuisine must be left aside, we are still able to appreciate much of the amazing culinary diversity provided us by French food. Wonderful dairy-based sauces, vibrant Provencal vegetable dishes, pungent and alluring artisan cheeses, and a veritable galaxy of the world's finest fresh herbs abound in French cuisine. This degree of plenitude, paired with the French's heartfelt love for all things culinary and a solid focus on skill and preparation, keeps French cuisine overwhelmingly relevant and important in the world of vegetarian food.

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