Italian Vegetarian Recipes

Italian food truly represents one of the world's great cuisines. The freshness, variety, and rustic flavor of Italian recipes is legendary in the culinary world. A seemingly endless bounty of fresh vegetables, pastas, and the world's best cheeses and olive oils match well with Italy's deeply-entrenched love of food. Rustic, farmhouse recipes have blended over the centuries with the refined recipes of cities like Milan and Rome to create a truly unique and special culinary tapestry.

There is an amazing amount of regional variance in Italian cooking, with each region proudly displaying different specialities based on geography, history, cultural influence, and availability of ingredients. Very few other countries can lay claim to such a varied and intense food culture, ranging from the spicy eggplant and tomato dishes of Sicily to the Provencal-inspired dishes of the Piedmont region to the famous pasta dishes of Lazio.

Italian dishes do tend to translate a little better to vegetarian recipes than most others. Meats are often served in Italy as an antipasto, accompaniment, or sauce ingredient, which makes them a little bit easier for us to replace when attempting to make authentic, meatless version of Italian recipes.

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Italian Regional Recipes

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