Japanese Vegetarian Recipes

With a culture so obsessed with the bounty of the sea, it is surprising for many to find out that Japan has a long and colorful history of vegetarian cuisine, deeply rooted in Buddhist and Taoist culture. Japanese vegetarian recipes use many common vegetables combined with standards such as tofu and tempeh and traditional Japanese flavors to create amazingly rich and satisfying dishes.

Seaweed plays a huge role in Japanese vegetarian cuisine, forming the binder for the ubiquitous sushi and sashimi, as well as playing a starring role in many other vegetarian Japanese dishes. Sushi chefs employ a wide array of pickled and fresh vegetables, egg, sea vegetables, and more to create seafood-free masterpieces.

Flavor components remain somewhat standard with the rest of Japan's cuisine, leaning heavily on soy products for flavoring and protein, noodles of all sorts, and frequently, a specially created dashi, or stock, made from shiitake mushrooms and kombu (instead of the usual bonito flakes).

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