Mexican Vegetarian Recipes

The cuisine of Mexico is probably one of the most misunderstood on the planet. One of the richer and more exotic of the major world cuisines, Mexican food rarely is translated well outside the country, especially in the US. "Tex-mex" restaurants tend to serve up a bland mixture of bad refried bean, stale tortillas, and even worse meat products. True Mexican cuisine, however, is full of bright flavors - cilantro, cumin, chocolate, and a whole universe of chiles to mention a few. From the habanero-laced Mayan flavors of the Yucatan to the famous moles of Oaxaca, Mexico boasts one of the most varied and interesting food cultures on the planet.

Mexican vegetarian recipes are full of the vegetables that are indigenous to Mexico, like beans, corn, potatoes, and chiles. With such a wide array of vegetables, spices, and flavors available, Mexican food lends itself particularly well to vegetarian interpretation. Make sure to visit your local Mexican grocery (tienda) and pick up some of the wonderful fresh cheeses like queso fresco and requeson that are available - they can help your Mexican vegetarian recipes explode with flavor.

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