Akha Beans

Translation: Soop Mak Tua Nyaow

Cuisine: Lao

Region: Luang Namtha

Recipe Type: Side

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Vegetarian / Vegan: Vegan

This recipe comes to us from our friends at Food From Northern Laos.

Muang Sing villagers operating the community-based ecotourism trekking business Akha Experience taught The Boat Landing staff this recipe when they trained at the guest house in July 2005. Traditionally, this Akha salad is made with either ginger or sesame seed, but never both. Each version is delicious and great served warm or cold.


250 g (1/2 lb) long green beans, ends removed
12 cloves garlic, roasted and peeled (roast the entire head before peeling the cloves)
1 piece ginger, thumb-size, roasted and peeled (if not using sesame seeds)
2 - 3 T sesame seeds (if not using ginger)
3 T soy sauce
1 t salt
2 T mint leaves, chopped
2 T sawtooth herb, chopped (or substitute culantro)
2 T spring onion, white stalk and greens, finely chopped
1 T Vietnamese mint leaves, chopped (or substitute cilantro)


Slice the beans diagonally or halve them. Steam the beans for a few minutes until lightly cooked. Remove to a mixing bowl.

Dry roast the sesame seeds until golden. Remove them before completely browned. Set aside to cool.

Put the peeled, roasted garlic cloves and salt in a mortar. Slice the roasted ginger if using. Add to the mortar. Pound the ingredients together until well-integrated. Tip this mixture over the beans.

Add the soy and fish sauce and gently mix into the salad by hand. Add the chopped mint and sawtooth herb.

Add the dry roasted sesame seeds if using and gently mix in by hand.

Transfer the mixture to a serving dish.

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Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 2-4

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