Vietnamese Vegetarian Recipes

One of the most explosive and flavorful food cultures on the planet, Vietnam's recipes rely heavily on rivers and estuaries that permeate the country. Herbs, citrus, lemongrass, soy, and fresh fruits and vegetables define the spicy cuisine, which is similar to its Southeast Asian counterparts, yet is still able to set itself apart with unique herbal combinations, French fusion techniques, and Chinese influences.

Another cuisine that lends itself especially well to vegetarian cooking, Vietnamese food uses plenty of tofu and soy products, and they can usually be easily substituted for meat or seafood in most recipes.

The French, as they also did in Laos, left a strong colonial imprint on Vietnam, infusing into the local cuisine baguettes, French cooking techniques, and even donuts, which accompany Vietnam's national dish, pho, a hearty star anise and chili-spiked noodle soup - perfect comfort food!

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Vietnamese Regional Recipes

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